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Are you a budding filmmaker with a connection to Roscommon? Here's your chance to shine on the big screen! The Roscommon International Film Festival proudly presents a special category exclusively for short films with a connection to  Roscommon.


Submission Details


Entry Fee: €10 per submission

Payment Method: Payment accepted via our website using PayPal. Don't worry if you don't have a PayPal account; you can still pay securely.

Submission Deadline: September 15, 2024

Film Duration: Films must not exceed five minutes

Eligibility: Open to any films with a connection to Roscommon, whether it be via cast, crew or location.

Multiple Entries: Multiple submissions are welcome, as long as each has a Roscommon link.

Submission Format: Films must be submitted as MP4 files via to, accompanied by the PayPal receipt reference.

Grand Prize: €150 cash prize plus two tickets to the Roscommon International Film Festival for the winning entry.

Screening: The winning film will be screened at the prestigious Roscommon International Film Festival, held at the Roscommon Arts Centre on October 5, 2024.

Judging Criteria


Originality: We're seeking fresh, innovative storytelling with a Roscommon link. 

Filmmaking Potential: Showcase your talent, regardless of equipment or budget. In a world where technology has made filmmaking more accessible than ever before, RIFF champions the idea that anyone with a story to tell can do so, irrespective of financial constraints or the quality of equipment at their disposal. Whether it's shooting on a smartphone, utilising free editing software, or employing DIY filmmaking techniques, the message is clear: limitations should not hinder artistic expression. Instead, they should serve as catalysts for innovation and artistic growth. We encourage filmmakers to think outside the box, to experiment with different techniques, and to leverage whatever resources they have at hand to bring their creative visions to life.

Roscommon Connection: Embrace the essence of Roscommon in your work. This could mean any of the cast or crew are from Roscommon or that your film was made in Roscommon. 

Networking Opportunity: The winner will have the chance to network with established filmmakers at the Roscommon International Film Festival on October 5, 2024.


Don't miss this incredible opportunity to share your Roscommon-inspired stories with the world. Submit your entry today and be part of the Roscommon filmmaking community!

Please note that this contest is exclusive to Roscommon filmmakers/films with a Roscommon connection. This exclusive category is separate to RIFF's short film category which is open to submissions from all over Ireland and the rest of the world via FilmFreeway.


You can check out securely even if you don't have a PayPal account. Once you have paid the entry fee, please submit your film to us as an MP4 file via to along with your receipt reference.


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Festival directors

Festival directors

CC Braithwaite is a member of a BAFTA winning crew for her work on Emmerdale. With over twenty five years' experience in the film and TV industry, she is a multi-award winning director and producer of numerous short films, including Skylark, Expiry Date and Circuit Love.


Andrew Hannon is a best selling author, theatre and film producer, playwright and screenwriter. He wrote and starred in the short Irish film Creepy Hill. With a decade of experience running film festivals and contests, Andrew is delighted to be launching RIFF to help promote Irish talent on a global stage. 

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